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From: Maurice Tate
Date: Monday, 9:37 AM

Dear Friend.

I remember my first time.

It's one of those things that you will never forget. I wish mine was a more pleasant memory but to be completely honest, I cringe every time I am reminded of that night.

It happened at the height of my teenage years. Although I was too proud to admit it and tried to act as much like a man as possible, without sexual experiences I was still just a boy in my mind. I was a total sex dynamo. The slightest touch from a girl or just the thought of being alone with her was enough to embarrass me in public.

Growing up without any sisters, the only women I had ever seen naked were my mom and the very rare glances through my older brother's adult magazines when I was home alone.

One day I started dating this girl from my chemistry class. After a while things just escalated to that point where my brother and my parents were out of town for the week-end and I invited her over for the night.

What was going to happen was no secret to any of us.

I was so stressed and anxious that I puked twice that day. The whole evening was so awkward that I still wonder why she didn't just leave then. And looking back I almost hope that she did.

When we finally got to it, I was so excited I came within the first minutes. I could see the irritation on her face as she got up and announced she had to use the bathroom right after I pulled out. I was still naked and cluelessly lying under the sheets when she walked out 30 minutes later.

When she said she was leaving I was just too embarrassed to add anything.

And she broke up with me two days later.

Up until then, I managed to keep my pride intact by thinking that we were both young and inexperienced, that the next time I had sex I would be a better lover.

But it hit me like a sledgehammer when I learned from one of her girl friend a week later that she had to go finish in the shower after my poor performance.

She had told all her friends. And they told their friends.

From That Day On I Became A Sex Pariah.

For the rest of my Sophomore year to the day I entered college, I was an outcast.

Guys would make fun of me in the gym and even though I had many girl friends, none of them would ever consider me as a potential suitor or sex partner. Everyone knew.

Unfortunately for me, those were the days before the internet. Sexual literature wasn't something you could find in your public library. Every little piece of information about sex would come from hear says and popular myths.

I guess you can say that I learned the hard way.

But I wasn't about to let that ruin my life and my chances of finding a partner.

I was dedicated to become that guy that girls can't wait to tell their friends about.

That guy that makes girls blush with envy and desire as he walks in a room.

I wanted to prove them all wrong. And this time it was personal.

So I secretly eavesdropped on other's conversations, spent countless nights reading and analysing biology and sexuality tomes. And whenever I was home alone instead of going through my brother's magazines as I usually did, I started reading my mom's romance novels.

I was going to unlock the secrets to amazing sex and become a masterful lover.

What I Found Out Dazzled Me!

The first thing I realized in my research was that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me or my situation. Studies have shown many times over that the average man reaches orgasm within the first 6 minutes of intercourse - and over 65% of women declared that they didn't feel like their partners knew how to satisfy them sexually.

Now that made me feel a little better about myself and my inexperience, but I had another goal in mind. I wanted to learn how to give any women earth-shattering orgasms and have my own personal following of sex-crazed lovers.

And before I tell you more about the secrets I learned, I must warn you.

Some of the material you will find below can seem inappropriate or offensive for some people. But I want to give you the chance I never had. I want to give it bluntly and boldly.

Sex make the world go round. It is what separates the boys from the adults. It's no surprise that so many cultures around the world have built so many different rites around it.

If you can not satisfy a women sexually she will cheat on you or leave you for someone who does, or worse she will go out and tell your friends about it and ruin your chances of finding a partner unless you rebuild a completely new social circle.

Flowers and diamond's won't cut it! Women want to be swept off their feets and given screaming orgasms. If you still think a girl would rather receive flower than be fucked, I recommend checking in with a shrink and tell him you need a reality check.

If you are still reading so far I assume that you have a real interest in hearing what I have to say - and becoming a masterful lover.

It doesn't matter if you are still a virgin or if you don't have any prior sexual experience. Oh, and stop worrying about the size of your friend down there as well.

If you are smart enough to read this letter this far, you already have all it takes to give ANY women earth-shattering orgasms. No matter what size your penis is or how many positions you know.

But we'll get to this in a minute.

Warning: Your Mother Will Disapprove Of This!

It's not my job to raise you a good Catholic.

And what I'm about to reveal is going to be very different from whatever your school counsellor or your mom would approve of.

You won't get any "bees and flower" bullshit here.

I'm not bitter about school or religion but I just don't think that the systems currently in place are making a good job at preparing teenagers for what is coming to them.

School prepared you for the workplace where you are expected to spend the next 40 or 50 years until you retire happily. But what about your relationships?

Most marriages fail because of sexual insatisfaction and incompatibles between partners. And chances are that you will be sexually active until you are of age to retire, probably even longer nowadays thanks to the blue pill.

Yet, we're not given any of that education. Sex is still taboo in our society.

That's why I have decided to sit at my desk one day and write a sex guide just for teens telling it as it is.

Some of that stuff I had never even heard about until my late thirties... so I'm giving you a considerable head start and making sure that you don't have to go through the same humiliation I had to experience.

Inside you will learn about:

Romance, Sex and One Night Stands: How should you go about managing a girl's expectation of a relationship, build intimacy and how to behave properly with romantic interests and friends with benefits.

How to Build Up Sexual Confidence even if you are still a virgin and project that sexual vibe that will make girl tingle in your presence.

How to Kiss a Girl to drive her completely wet and wild.

The Truth About Penis Size: Don't be fooled by popular myths regarding the size of your penis. After reading this chapter you will NEVER feel inadequate again in the shower room or in front of a girl.

Eight Mistakes And Orgasm Killers That Guys Make All The Time:
I remember I scored at least five of them on my first time with a girl but you can learn from my experience and avoid the embarrassment.

What Is Foreplay and how to make any girl literally BEG for your cock inside them over and over again.

Safe and Scientifically Proven Ways To Last Longer In Bed:
Remember I told you that most guys orgasm within 6 minutes of intercourse. Set yourself apart and become the guy she remembers by applying these tips.

The Best Oral Stimulation Techniques that will make her gasp and want to tear your bed sheets apart. If she refuses to go down on you after that you should definitely drop the girl and find one who deserves it.

The Difference Between Clitoris and G-Spot Orgasms: Most girls are completely clueless about this. Imagine the look on her face when you take control and teach her new and deeper ways to orgasm than she has ever known.

Prevention, Safe Sex and Health: Do not rely on hearsays and popular knowledge when your health can be at risk. I'm giving you the latest scientific and medical information's to enjoy safer sex.

I can already see you smiling with anticipation as you read each of these paragraphs above. Just imagine how much more confident each of these statements are making you feel. Imagine that walk of triumph around town or at school.

Walking around as if you have the biggest, meanest, horniest cock on campus and sweeping girls off their feet with your sexual confidence.

Be careful and take a minute to pause here.

I'm not kidding when I say girls have a sixth sexual sense. They can pick up on these things and it makes them WILD with LUST.

And after you have sex with them, they will go through their whole contact list and tell all of their girl friends about how incredible the sex was.

Girls will start blushing and giggling with envy when you walk in the class room.

If you can't keep things under control you might soon find yourself swarmed with sex-crazed girls. Believe it or not but for some guys this can really become a problem.

People around you, even your closest friends, will start seeing you differently.

And that is perfectly normal. Remember I told you how sex changes everything. It makes the world go round. It separates boys from adults. And once you cross the line, you can't ever go back.

Are you ready to take that step and become a sexually confident men?

Do not take this journey without a guide or you could be real disappointed.


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By now you should know that about me. I like to make things clear and put all my cards on the table. I'm blunt, I'm bold, and I say things as they are whether you like it or not.

You have read my message this far so I expect you to be open minded enough to listen to what I have to say and give my guide an honest try.

But if for ANY reason whatsoever you do not feel more confident after giving it a good read and giving the information in it enough time to really sink in, just let me know. I will refund 100% of your purchase price. You have 60 days to read all the manuals too.

But I have made every efforts I can to describe everything as accurately as possible and make sure that there is not misinformation whatsoever. Everything I told you about will be given to you in great details. And much more.

And These Bonuses Are Yours To Keep!

Because there was so much to cover I had to remove some chapters from the original publication. But after receiving feedback and being asked the same questions over and over again by customers with whom I exchanged a few e-mails, I knew that this information was crucial.

So I decided to make it available completely free of charge to my new customers.

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So what are you waiting for?

If you are still unsure, maybe the timing isn't quite right yet.

Maybe you're not ready to take this step in manhood yet and it's perfectly normal. None of us develop and grow at the same rate. You can't force anyone into having their first sexual experience until they feel ready.

But if you have read this far and you know that you want to take this next step.

Then I beg you, do not go unprepared.

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To Ultimate Sexual Confidence.
Maurice Tate,

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